Watch: Relive the year in music with Earworm’s 2011 United State of Pop mashup

The year is officially over: the 2011 United State of Pop (World Go Boom) mash-up has arrived! Produced by Jordan Roseman, aka DJ Earworm, this year”s edition features snippets of Billboard’s top 25 songs on the year including Maroon5″s  “Moves Like Jagger,” Katy Perry”s “E.T.,” Lady Gaga”s “Born This Way,” Foster The People”s “Pumped Up Kicks,” Nicki Minaj”s “Super Bass,” and, of course, Adele”s  “Rolling In The Deep” and LMFAO”s “Party Rock Anthem.” This year’s bed is built around (and takes its name from)  Perry’s “Firework.”

We can only imagine how many hours it takes to assemble this montage of seemingly disparate songs and images into a collage that doesn”t hurt to listen to. If you”re interested in more, DJ Earworm has written a book on “mash-up construction,” according to his website.

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World Go Boom is the fifth year-end mash-up following 2010″s “Don”t Stop the Pop,”  2009″s “Blame It On the Pop,” 2008’s “Viva La Pop” and the inaugural 2007 edition, which didn’t get a nickname. Watch them all from the start and it’s fun to see how much more sophisticated they’ve gotten over time.