Remake of ‘The Rocketeer’ being eyed at Disney

08.21.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

One of HitFix’s top ten superhero movies of all time could be getting a remake.

Joe Johnston’s “The Rocketeer” – based on the comic-book character of the same name created by Dave Stevens – may have been a commercial disappointment on its 1991 release, but Disney clearly sees potential in the cult favorite, as according to Vulture the studio is gearing up to meet with writers on a potential “reboot” of the superhero property.

Set in 1930s Los Angeles, the original film centers on a young stunt pilot (Billy Campbell) who discovers a jetpack that allows him to fly at super-speeds. He later runs into trouble when Nazi operatives, tipped off by Hollywood star Neville Sinclair (Timothy Dalton), attempt to get their hands on the device. Also starring Jennifer Connelly and Alan Arkin, the heavily-hyped movie finished with an underwhelming $46 million at the domestic box-office, though it later enjoyed success on the home video market.

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