Reports: Janet Jackson back at work on first album since 2008

Is Janet Jackson back in the studio working on her first album since 2008″s “Discipline?”

According to her sound engineer, the answer is a resounding yes. In an interview with Barefoot Sound  (h/t Idolator),  Grammy-winning producer/engineer Ian Cross says he has been recording Jackson around the world.

“We”ve been working in Qatar. We”ve been working in Paris, the Middle East, and now we feel like we can work anywhere,” he says.

As far as the direction, he says “we”re going to be doing things that are completely unexpected that nobody”s seen before… The new album is going to be great. It”s a process. There”s a lot in store, yet to come. I can”t go into too many details but I think Janet Jackson”s fans are going to be very excited about the new album, and I think people who don”t know her as fans are going to be excited about it, too. The new paradigm of music, the real people in music now, are blending technology and music together. It”s becoming more and more seamless.”

The two first began working together in 2007, when he produced the vocals for “Discipline.”  He now works full time for Jackson.

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