What ‘Resident Evil’ Are We Going To Get Out Of The Franchise’s Six-Movie Reboot?

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Just when we thought The Final Chapter was the Resident Evil film franchise’s final chapter, Constantin Films, the German owners of the long-running video game’s movie rights, told Variety they plan on rebooting the franchise into a new six-film series. Considering the games have shifted tonally at least a half-dozen times, and the movies were widely-panned (although big money makers overseas), you have to wonder where they’re going to go with the reboots.

A Straight Action-Adventure Like We’ve Seen Before

This is pretty much where the Milla Jovovich movies land. They came out before the big zombie boom, and existed within the boom, but never were really that good. They were just pure, dumb action. There’s a reason why U.S. audiences didn’t really take to the movies — they were incoherent and mostly eye candy, exactly the type of movie that overseas moviegoers love. Hence, $1.3 billion in ticket sales, and more movies to come. Does this mean we’ll get more campy goodness? Probably not. They already did it, but then, movie studios aren’t really known for risk taking. It’s certainly possible that we just get six more goofy action movies.

The Slow Burn Horror Mystery Of The Original Games

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