‘Revengers’ Are Perfectly Awful ‘Avengers’ Knockoff Figurines That May Make You Marvel

Comedian Jeff Wysaski’s Obvious Plant project is having far too much fun, along with movie audiences everywhere, with Avengers: Infinity War‘s victorious ride at the box office. Case in point … these bootleg-knockoff figurines dubbed The Revengers. They’re, um, pretty ridiculous, but are they any more ridiculous than the Infinity War characters themselves?

The characters who shall fight in the “Endless Tussle” include The Incredible Fella, Regular Racoon, Fedora Ron, and (of course) Token Girl. Actually, that last entry sounds about right, doesn’t it? These days, the MCU has plenty of women fighting alongside their male counterparts (including Scarlet Witch, although Elizabeth Olsen isn’t crazy about her cleavage-laden costume), but only a few short years ago, Black Widow was the only lady Avenger with screentime, so the too-close-for-comfort degree of accuracy might sting.

Several of these Revengers figurines (not Detective Horse, Hacker Boy, or fan favorite Greg) were a real thing, but sadly, they are no longer available, as Obvious Plant has completely sold out of their limited stock. They’ll probably surface on eBay one of these days, and who knows? Mark Ruffalo might spoil their ending, too.

Check out close-up views of these figurines below.

(Via Boing Boing)