Rian Johnson Was Forced To Clarify That, Yes, He’s Still Making His ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy


In 2017, before The Last Jedi became either the best or worst thing to ever happen to nerd culture (depending on your certain-point-of-view), Lucasfilm announced that writer and director Rian Johnson is spearheading an all-new Star Wars trilogy, one that “will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored” (i.e. no Skywalkers). We haven’t heard much about the trilogy since then, not with so much of the attention paid on Solo‘s disappointing box office gross and the upcoming Episode IX, but a recent report claimed that Johnson would be stepping away from the three films to focus on other projects. Of course, since this report came from a website called “SuperBroMovies,” it was total bunk.

Johnson said as much when asked about the rumor on Twitter, writing, “No it isn’t true, I’m still working on the trilogy. With all due respect to the movie bros, who I’m sure are lovely kind bros with good fraternal intentions.”

Who could have started and spread such easily-debunked gossip? My sources tell me it was either Han Brolo, C-3PBro, or Lanbro Calrissian (I admit that last one is a stretch, but so is believing that Johnson would willingly depart the Star Wars universe, after all the garbage he’s been put through).

(Via Twitter)

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