Richard Dreyfuss responds to Mike Huckabee’s lame ‘Jaws’-Trump analogy

In a truly awful election season, it's important to laugh if only to keep from crying. Which is why this clip of Donald Trump supporter Mike Huckabee making an ill-advised Jaws analogy on Fox News' The Kelly File on Monday night, before being deftly corrected by host/serious cinephile Megyn Kelly, is such a delight:


Kelly is, of course, correct in noting that Quint (a character Huckabee likened to Trump) was in fact eaten by the man-eating Great White shark (which he likened to Trump's Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton) at the end of Steven Spielberg's 1975 classic — and while Huckabee gamely attempted to parry with his own observation that the shark was itself killed at the end of the film, the predator was blown up by not by Quint but rather Roy Scheider's Chief Martin Brody (who is, I guess, Jill Stein in this equation?).

Guess who else knows a thing or two about Jaws? Richard Dreyfuss, who was forced to suffer through months of shooting with the allegedly-terrifying Robert Shaw to play oceanographer Matt Hooper in the film. Piggybacking on Kelly's correction, just minutes ago the actor threw himself into the fray with the following tweet:


Is it possible for Jaws to just swallow the entire planet, because I am tired.