Rihanna gets a grill, Nicki Minaj and Madonna kissy-poo for ‘Love’ video

12.08.11 7 years ago

In today’s diva dish, R&B songstress Rihanna gets a dental assistant’s gloved hand in her mouth – and records it! – while Nicki Minaj engages in a sloppy, girl-on-girl makeout session with an elder stateswoman of pop. Honestly, does it get any better?

Let’s start with Rihanna, shall we? In a just-released video promoting the shoot for her “Talk That Talk” music video “You Da One”, the Barbadian pop sensation is seen being fitted for a grill – with fangs! – to be featured in the upcoming clip.

Such a rebel!

Of course, Rihanna doesn’t exactly have time to hit the local dentist’s office – she’s on tour! Meaning the dentist’s office has to come to her, namely backstage at the O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland. Gosh, being famous is so cool!

“I’m getting a grill made for an upcoming video shoot for ‘You Da One,’ but I only want the bottom done with fangs, and they have to make a mold so they can send it to New Castle, ship it from New Castle, get it made, and then send it back to London for the video,” says Rihanna halfway-intelligibly as she’s being fitted for the mold by one lucky dental assistant.


In Nicki Minaj’s world, meanwhile, the “Super Bass” singer recently sent out several gushing tweets from the recent shoot for Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Love” music video, the first single from the Material Mama’s upcoming album. 

“OH MY f’ingggg Gahhhh!!!!! MADONNA jus kissed me!!!!! On the lips!!!!!!! It felt sooooo good. Soooo soft!!!! *passes out* aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!” tweeted the rap star.

Later, responding to one of several frantic questions from her more than 7.5 million followers asking how she reacted, Minaj replied, “I was shocked but I kissed back!!!”

Mmm yummy, what a sexy delicious treat! I sure wish I could’ve been there.

“No wishes. Just thanks. Gratitude. To God be the glory,” Minaj tweeted later. Boy, I’ll say.

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