Rihanna Hearts “Star Trek?”

I tend to believe anyone when say they are fans of something. Why would they lie? What”s in it for them? But sometimes – just sometimes – a celebrity might simply be promoting a project they were well paid to be involved in, and they may overstate their fandom in order to come across as “genuine.”

Is that what is happening here? Is Rihanna lying to us about loving Star Trek? In this clip, she starts out a little wobbly, speaking vaguely of falling in love with the “characters” and “this other world.” She mentions watching the “first episode” with her dad, but she isn”t clear about which of the many first episodes of the many Star Trek series to which she is referring.

But just as I was about to write her off, she mentions La Forge! She wants to know what was going on with his eyewear! Boom. She”s a Trekkie. She deserves to be graded on a curve. She”s a pretty busy person, I daresay she”s busier than most anyone in the world, but despite that, she”s carried her concerns for La Forge with her from tour date to tour date all her life. Is “Umbrella” in some way about La Forge? Also, and this is key, she can pull off the Vulcan salute. I never should have doubted you RiRi!