What’s your favorite Christmas-themed horror movie?

Some say horror and the holidays just don't mix, which is hogwash. Have you ever seen Bob Clark's great Yuletide slasher “Black Christmas”? Margot Kidder's oversexed sorority sister is calling you.

Okay, so there are a lot of bad Christmas horror movies too. Like, a lot. “Christmas Evil,” anyone? “Silent Night, Deadly Night”? The “Black Christmas” remake? Not great. Still, these hilarious cinematic atrocities (and a few better-than-expected gems) are an essential part of HitFix's “2 Minute History of Christmas Horror Movies,” which features the following treasures:

1. A terrible old man scaring the pants off of a small, adorable child with the line, “You see Santa Claus tonight, you better run, boy. You better run…for your LIFE!” while cackling.

2. The most incredible “giant killer snowman-devouring-a-Playboy-model” scene ever in movies.

3. A film called “Nick and Hogan Smoke Christmas,” which was made in someone's parents' backyard.

4. The simultaneous career nadir of both Fran Drescher and James Caan.

Grab a cup of hot cocoa and watch the full montage above and below.