R.I.P. Mrs. Krabappel: ‘The Simpsons’ pays moving tribute to Marcia Wallace

11.03.13 5 years ago 7 Comments

As a kid who grew up watching “The Simpsons” even though I wasn’t supposed to (I was also forbidden from tuning in to the evil, evil “Married with Children” or basically anything else that aired on FOX), Mrs. Krabappel was a regular fixture in my life all through my growing-up years. Which is why I was saddened to hear last week that Marcia Wallace, who voiced the bitter, chain-smoking elementary school teacher for more than two decades, had died at the age of 70. And I’m far from the only one: in addition to everyone else who loved and enjoyed her work over the years, Bart Simpson himself is also mourning Mrs. K’s loss, as seen in this tear-jerking screen grab from tonight’s “Simpsons” opener. Can I have my childhood back now?

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