‘Robin Hood’ is getting an ‘Avengers’-style makeover with new multi-film franchise

(CBR)  Lured by the success of Marvel”s “The Avengers,” Sony Pictures is circling a high-priced pitch for a Robin Hood franchise that”s been compared in tone to the “Mission: Impossible” and “Fast and the Furious” films.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the pitch for “Hood” from Cory Goodman and Jeremy Lott positions Robin Hood and his Merry Men as a sort of the Avengers of the Middle Ages who would appear in interconnected films.

Goodman and Lott are accomplished in genre films both together and separately. They teamed up to develop “Lore.” which is being directed by David Greene for Warner Bros. Goodman is also rebooting the “Underworld” franchise, while Lott penned a supernatural film called “The Falling,” which has Zac Effron attached.

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