Ron Howard Says He Feels Bad About The ‘Star Wars’ Fan Reaction To ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’


Solo: A Star Wars Story didn’t muster the box office success that Lucasfilm and Disney probably hoped, sending many to sound the alarm over the future of Star Wars. It’s a silly thought to think that this is trouble for the franchise, but many have been digging around for answers. As it turns out, one of those people is director Ron Howard, and he’s feeling a little bad about the film’s disappointing box office.

The director took over for Phil Lord and Christopher Miller after they were fired from Solo last year. It was an awkward position for any director to step into, but Howard did seem like a good fit to get the project back on track. That fact alone kind of makes his recent tweets a little bittersweet, especially when he feels like the cast and crew delivered a movie people will like on the big screen despite their feelings about other films in the franchise:

The tweet is a response to a fan claiming part of the reason for Solo’s box office drop is the fan reaction to The Last Jedi. This would make some sense if The Last Jedi was truly a box office bomb on its own and had any influence on the experience in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The loud voices on the internet aren’t always representative of everybody, and there are a few fans that enjoyed the Han Solo origin film:

If anything, the movie is worth it to hear the great soundtrack in a theater setting. It was surprising to listen to the Marauder theme when it popped up and worth it as a film experience. It is also worth noting that while it is performing poorly for a Star Wars film, Solo is still doing pretty well and Disney is just fine. A galaxy far, far away was due for a reality check anyway.

(Via Indiewire)