Ron Howard Teases The Return Of More ‘Star Wars’ Expanded Universe Characters For The Han Solo Film

Ron Howard has upped his teases for Han Solo into territory that actually reveals something fans should be excited about. Instead of dusty sets, camera monitors, trash cans, and wardrobe racks, we actually get a look at some physical characters that could be appearing in the film. On top of that, they’re a pair of existing expanded universe characters and some possible comic relief for a future story in the Star Wars universe.

Taking cues from Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Tag And Bink were the stars of a series of parody comics by Kevin Rubio put out by Dark Horse Comics that placed the two bumbling, comedic characters into the peripheral of the events in the original Star Wars trilogy. They even got their own prequel set in the prequel trilogy and will hopefully get an older version, even if they were definitely Force ghosts in their final appearance.

Tag And Bink were the creation of Kevin Rubio, the man behind the popular Star Wars fan film Troops, and he seemed fairly excited to see that Ron Howard was teasing his characters for the upcoming stand-alone film. That would make Tag And Bink the latest expanded universe characters to enter the official canon, joining a few others including fan favorite bad guy Grand Admiral Thrawn who made his debut on Star Wars: Rebels. Rubio’s celebration also gave us a slight confirmation from Jon Kasdan, the writer for Han Solo alongside his father Lawrence Kasdan.

No clue if they’ll be speaking or if there would be a scene in the film, but this seems to at least confirm that the duo will become an official part of Star Wars lore. Someone else suggested the exciting part of this news to Rubio, earning a seal of approval in the process:

While the introduction of these characters would be cool, it might be bittersweet because now we’re going to want a Tag And Bink stand-alone film. A comedy set in the Star Wars galaxy, just something completely out of the realm of what we’ve seen up to this point. Maybe we can get Phil Lord and Chris Miller back to tackle that film, just cut them loose.

(Via Deadline)