Rose McGowan just got fired for pointing out sexism in Hollywood


UPDATE [6/25/15 3:15pm EDT]: Rose McGowan has cleared things up by saying Wenzel left Innovative BEFORE McGowan was fired. 


UPDATE [6/25/15 2:46pm EDT]: THR reports at least one of Rose McGowan's agents has – Sheila Wenzel – has suddenly departed her job at Innovative. Whether she was fired over the snafu or quit for reasons unknown is not clear.


Last week, Rose McGowan made waves when she posted a snippet of a recent casting call to Twitter. She was insulted by the patronizing nature of the notes. Despite being in the business for over two decades, the casting call made sure to condescendingly remind her (and the other professional actresses auditioning for the part) to read the script for context.


However, the other half of the notes raised more than a few eyebrows. Hollywood is a superficial place, this is known. An actor or actress thrives or fails partially on how they look. But – outside of perhaps the “Magic Mike” franchise – the number of times a male actor has been encouraged to show a little more skin is probably low. In fact, what would even BE the male equivalent of “push-up bras encouraged”?

The professional damage to McGowan”s career was swift and merciless. Not that it seems to be slowing her down any…


Not sure who thought “firing a woman for pointing out sexism in the clubhouse” was the best course of action but congratulations! You just shined an even hotter spotlight on the raging case of misogyny underpinning the industry.

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