‘Rosewater’ poster lands amid tepid reception for Jon Stewart’s directorial debut

Jon Stewart's “Rosewater” was apparently screened for trades (and Indiewire) ahead of the film's Telluride bow this weekend, but it's been met with a bit of a wet blanket, with only Variety's Scott Foundas (ever positive) finding considerable love for the film. That must smart a bit, as the film arrives in the soggy San Juans this weekend as something perhaps knocked down a few rungs down on the list of priorities for festival goers trying to make sense of a heavily packed schedule.

Nevertheless, despite rude suggestions for Stewart akin to “don't quit your day job” flying around, I'm curious about the film. It's obviously a personal project for Stewart and that goes a long way no matter how the cards land in my book. The guy stepped away from his gig to tell a story he just had to tell. Respect.

Meanwhile, the poster for the film arrived today, despite the negative Nancys. Check it out below and tell us what you think. The film, which will be released in the fall courtesy of Open Road Films, moves on to Toronto after Telluride.

“Rosewater” hits theaters Nov. 7.