Roundup: Michelle Obama hosts the ‘Beasts’ team at the White House

“Lincoln” may have unexpectedly received the in-person endorsement of Bill Clinton at the Golden Globes this year, but it’s not the only Best Picture getting some First Family support. Today at the White House, Michelle Obama will be hosting an interactive workshop with the cast and crew of “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” A selection of 80 school students from Washington D.C. and New Orleans has been invited to participate in a discussion — in the State Dining Room, no less — about “the film, its production, and the inspirational themes within it that students can apply to their own lives.” It’s a nice gesture, not to mention a neat bit of publicity for the film in the thick of final Oscar voting, but it underlines just how many of this year’s Best Picture nominees feel relevant to American audiences right now. [Politico]  

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