Roundup: Oscar bloggers become the story

I’m not sure I have anything much to say about Boris Kachka’s lengthy profile of the Oscar-blogging community, but it’s certainly a weird read. (In Contention largely escaped scrutiny, as Sasha Stone and Jeff Wells take the lion’s share of column space.) “Today”s Oscar bloggers are writing from inside the house. You may not know their names, but most everyone in Hollywood does-loves them, hates them, courts them. At junkets they attend what one of them calls “Oscar Blogger Days.” They”re at every festival and VIP after-party, with a hand on Melissa Leo”s shoulder, a joke for Alfonso Cuarón, or a whisper into the ear of George Clooney”s publicist. When they write something negative or leave an actor out of their predictions, they hear about it, a lot.” [Vulture]

Oscar-nominated doc “The Square” is getting around the Egyptian censors with a YouTube release. [Variety]

Patton Oswalt names five comic actors he’d like to see do more dramatic work. [New Republic]

Katey Rich restarts the “Oscar for casting directors” discussion with five name she thinks worthy of recognition for their 2013 work. [Vanity Fair]

In an age where Oscar winners seem to have increasingly scattered support, Tom Shone wonders what filmmaker could truly unite the Academy. [The Guardian]

Nathaniel Rogers talks to Matthew McConaughey about, among other things, the media fascination with his body. (McConaughey’s, not Nathaniel’s.) [Film Experience]

Noel Murray picks six presenter pairings he really wants to see at this Sunday’s Oscars. [The Dissolve]

Ed Gonzalez ranks this year’s Oscar nominees from best to worst, from “Her” to “Lone Survivor.” [Slant]

“Now I get the haute couture thing.” Jennifer Lawrence talks about selecting her Oscar gown. (Not in shot: the Dior executive aiming a gun at her temple.) [The Telegraph]