Russian Hail Storm Looks Straight Out Of A Hollywood Disaster Movie

What started out as a day of fun in the sun quickly turned into a post-apocalyptic and/or biblical nightmare for denizens frolicking on this Novosibirsk beach in Siberia. The horror of what happens when the temperature rapidly drops from 105°F to 70°F was captured on film by one intrepid vacationer.

In less than a minute the cold front pushes through, bringing with it high winds, debris, reduced visibility, a plague of frogs, CGI tornadoes, and lots and lots of hail. People scramble for shelter under tiny umbrellas or take their chances in the water. One poor soul just crouches down in the middle of the beach, resigned to his fate. The power of Nature is mesmerizing. 

In case – like me – the most shocking thing about this video is the revelation that it is in SIBERIA it turns out once more that Hollywood has lied to us. Siberia is not a barren wasteland one class warfare metaphor away from being 'Snowpiercer.' In fact, Novosibirsk hangs out around the same latitude as Vancouver, British Colubmia or Prague, Czech Republic.

They might have been experiencing a hot spell but their summers hover in the high 70s but it certainly wasn't THAT outside the norm. What the hell, entertainment media? If we can't trust you to give us accurate geographical information about foreign countries what else could you be lying about?!