Sacha Baron Cohen eyeing ‘Klown’ writers to pen ‘The Lesbian’

“Borat” and “Bruno” creator Sacha Baron Cohen is sure to offend some audiences with his next comedy, “The Lesbian,” and he may have found ideal collaborators in Danish comedians Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam.

The duo behind the raunchy 2010 comedy “Klown” are reportedly in negotiations to write the screenplay of the film, based on the true story of Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao, who offered $65 million to any man who could successfully court and marry his lesbian daughter, Gigi.

According to Variety, Cohen was so enamored with the deadpan gross-out humor in “Klown” that he flew to Denmark in order to convince Christensen and Hvam to work on “The Lesbian” before returning to their planned “Klown” sequel.

Cohen will also produce the film, while a director has yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, “Hangover” director Todd Phillips is developing a U.S. remake of “Klown” with Danny McBride attached as the lead. 

Cohen’s last starring role was in the “The Dictator,” which was a domestic box office disappointment, but played well internationally. Cohen also had a supporting role in the best picture nominee “Les Miserables.”