Sacha Baron Cohen murdered an old lady onstage at the BAFTA LA Awards

Funny man Sacha Baron Cohen was honored with the Charlie Chaplin Britannia for Excellence in Comedy at the BAFTA LA Brittania Awards last night. He was introduced by Salma Hayek and a wheelchair-bound woman named Grace Cullington, apparently the oldest living person to have appeared in a Charlie Chaplin film. After accepting a gift from the elderly woman, Sacha performed an impromptu tap dance and knocked Grace off the stage… and to her death.

Here’s what Sacha said immediately after the incident: “Grace Cullington is the oldest, no, sorry, was the oldest surviving [Chaplin co-star]. I dedicate my award to her. This is obviously a tragedy. She has upstaged me. But on the bright side, what a great way to go, giving an award to me. Thus, she”ll probably make the Oscars In Memoriam segment,”

Of course, there is no “Grace Cullington,” and the victim was actually a stunt woman. Classic Sacha Baron Cohen, always pretending to murder invalids for a laugh!

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