Samantha Bee teaches Syrian refugees about New Jersey, sweatpants, and Netflix and chill

As promisedFull Frontal With Samantha Bee gave us the second part of Bee's trip to Jordan to meet with Syrian refugees and show us that they are real human beings we shouldn't be scared of. 

First, she met with a refugee family that has to live in New Jersey, though they're pretty happy with and appreciative of how things turned out, making them better than most people in New Jersey, really (sorry, Alan Sepinwall). They were, however, surprised that so many people in America wear sweatpants everywhere.

Then she went to an American culture class in Jordan for refugees heading to America, and decided to help out to give students a true American perspective. 

“I happily took over the class that no one asked me to take over,” she said, showing that, right there, she was starting things off on a very American foot.