Sarah Paulson Is Ready To Make The Jump From ‘American Horror Story’ To Superheroes As A Key ‘Wonder Woman’ Villain

Sarah Paulson has been everywhere since gaining traction with American Horror Story. She’s had plenty of work under her belt up to this point, but AHS and her Emmy-winning performance on American Crime Story helped to launch Paulson into a different realm. She’s currently starring in Steven Spielberg’s The Post, but it would seem she is the latest actress who wants to enter the world of superheroes — just not on the heroic side of the equation.

As someone suggested on Twitter, Paulson or Charlize Theron would apparently be perfect to play Wonder Woman‘s nemesis Cheetah in the sequel to Patty Jenkins smash-hit for Warner Bros:

While this would normally just get fired under wishful thinking, Paulson responded to the tweet and included Patty Jenkins in her reply:

This is far from Sean Young attempting to coerce Tim Burton to cast her as Catwoman in Batman Returns, but it isn’t odd that an actor would petition for a particular role. Stephen Lang made a pretty strong case to play Cable before the role was cast in Deadpool 2, with his attachment to the Avatar films forcing him away from consideration. The same hopefully isn’t in store for Paulson, though she seems to be on a neverending parade of roles on television and film.

For what it is worth, Jenkins could go ahead and cast both actresses as Cheetah if she really wanted to. There are multiple versions of the character, including the original version Priscilla Rich and the more recognizable Barbara Ann Minerva version that actually takes on a more beastly form. Each version is one of the key villains in Wonder Woman’s long history, giving the film a creative way to address the character and bring these talents onboard.

(Via SyFy Wire)