Sarah Silverman talks about pot in her purse and ‘Masters of Sex’ after her Emmy win

LOS ANGELES – Shortly after she won the Emmy Award for Best Writing for a Variety show, Sarah Silverman headed backstage to talk to press. But shortly before she took to the platform to answer questions, the Billy Crystal presentation and video piece honoring the life of Robin Williams played during the ceremony.

“We just watched that Robin Williams tribute and I feel weird,” Silverman told journalists.

Still, it didn't deter her too long from jokes about her chest, her relationship with boyfriend and “Masters of Sex” star Michael Sheen, her cruel shoes and the surprise of her Emmy triumph.

“I was shocked… I looked at my manager and she was shocked too,” she said on the latter. She earned the writing award for “Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles,” her HBO special.

Her apperance on the Showtime show warrants different recognition: she had nude scenes in “Masters of Sex,” an element of her career she hasn't particularly explored prior to that filming.

“I feel like I've been suddenly been doing nudity since I turned 40,” Silverman said, then referring to her breasts. “Yeah, they're as low as they've ever been but they're also as high as they'll ever be from this point on.”

She talked about joining the show as Helen, a part that writer Michelle Ashford told Silverman that they'd always had in mind for her to play. “And then I started f*cking the star and it really solidified it. Or maybe not,” she said dryly.

Reporters on the red carpet for the TV awards had already grabbed hold of the fact that she had liquid THC in her little purse during the show, though Silverman had a pretty spot-on reason why a Californian may keep a little marijuana on their person.

“Yeah, I had pot for later in my purse. It's legal. And I don't drink. I like to have a puff as a treat at appropriate times,” she said. A fact she did want to keep on the down-low was that she took the awards stage — and was walking around afterward — without shoes on. “Don't tell anyone I'm doing this, because they just hurt. The shoes hurt, they're very nice. They're by Geppetto. I remember that because he made Pinocchio and also clearly designed shoes for the Nazi war effort.”

Watch the rest of the video to find out what Sarah Silverman plans to eat to celebrate her Emmys win.