‘Saturday Night Live’ 2014 Power Rankings: Who’s number one?

In the middle of a lengthy hiatus for “Saturday Night Live” after the end of The Seth Meyers Era, it”s time to take stock of the show”s remaining players in HitFix”s annual Cast Power Rankings. (You can see last year”s list here.) The following list has nothing to do with the talent of those on the show. This list merely ascertains their overall worth to the show as exhibited by onscreen time, level of contribution, and the show”s perceived value of their worth to the program as a whole. Those low on the list aren”t unfunny: They simply haven”t had the chance to shine or haven”t found a way to break through just yet. Those atop the list are vital to “SNL” as a whole and are poised to lead the show heading into its fortieth anniversary next year.

You can check out the entire list in the embedded gallery in this post. Agree or disagree? Share your thoughts below.