Scarlett Johansson is currently the highest-grossing woman in box office history

Scarlett Johansson really is one of the most in-demand actors these days but turns out she's also one of the most bankable. She's recently landed herself on a list of the ten highest-grossing actors of all time and just happens to be the only woman there.

The Wrap picked up on the latest numbers from Box Office Mojo, which have Johansson breaking the top 10 (though not adjusted for inflation). Her films have garnered pulls of $3.3 billion domestically. She's also the youngest among the top ten at 31-years-old.

The Wrap writes:

Is Johansson the first woman to crack the top 10? Considering the parameters of Box Office Mojo”s list, probably not. Though it”s hard to tell for sure since the box office data site, owned by Amazon”s IMDb, refused to share year-over-year comparison data with TheWrap, saying the site is self-serve only.

It's her recent Disney films, The Jungle Book and Captain America: Civil War, that have edged her into the impressive spot. But her other recent box office smash Lucy certainly helped things along with a $126,663,600 box office take. Now if we can just get her three Black Widow solo films she can get a bit closer to her Marvel pal Robert Downey Jr., who currently sits at number five.

In the top 100 there are only 20 women, and we skip ahead to 19th place to find the next after Johansson, Cameron Diaz. Whether Johansson's turn as Major Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell will gain her much ground or hold her back as a result of whitewashing remains to be seen.