For The Second Year In A Row A ‘Star Wars’ Movie Will Be Absent From San Diego Comic-Con

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07.02.17 2 Comments


San Diego Comic-Con 2015 was special in that it had multiple deep looks into the return to the galaxy far, far away. Not only were there various panels discussing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but fans in Hall H saw behind-the-scenes featurettes that amplified the hype for Star Wars 7 to unfathomable degrees. But sadly, for the second year in a row, San Diego Comic-Con won’t be diving into any live-action Star Wars panels, with the SDCC Blog confirming that, “[Lucasfilm’s] presence at SDCC 2017 will be focused on our booth on the convention floor, so there will be no press events or interview opportunities this year.”

In other words, fans won’t be seeing anything about The Last Jedi at the ultimate gathering of the geeks.

That doesn’t mean SDCC will be completely free of wookies, smugglers and Jedi — Friday is still considered “Star Wars Day” and there will be plenty of focus on books, toys and just about everything not The Last Jedi. Maybe even some Rebels info. That’d be nice.

Still, it’s pretty sad we won’t be getting a cool video like this again:

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