Seth Meyers tells us how the birth of his baby went down

So! Late Night With Seth Meyers was canceled on Monday night at the last minute due to the arrival of Meyers' son (you know, the one whose shower he invited Melisandre to).

Meyers barely missed a beat, returning last night to tell us all about it. It's a wild, weird, funny story, involving a heroic Uber driver named Tariq and a hospital staff wearing bunny ears. It's sweet, too, because Meyers is clearly thrilled to bits to have a child and in awe of his wife for doing all the hard work. 

Oh, and he explained why his son is named Ashe Olsen Meyers. It's not in honor of Ashley Olsen, as some have joked, but of two other women who are much more important to Meyers — and, presumably, to his son.