Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ben Schwartz Act out People’s Terrible Secrets

We all have secrets we”ve been dying to share, if only we could do so anonymously. HitRECord, a collaborative production company from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, gives its members the opportunity to not only tell what they”re hiding, but to have JGL and his buddy Ben Schwartz act them out.

The first of these secrets that will air on his HitRECord TV show is about a person who says, “When no one is around in my house, I throw out artwork that my children have brought home from school.  I do this because my children are [CENSORED] artists.”

Gordon-Levitt and Schwartz play out the scene against an animated background chock-full of bad art. And it only gets worse and funnier from there.

The duo will perform two more secrets on Friday”s episode of “HitRECord on TV.” It airs on Pivot at 10 p.m. ET.