Share your favorite ‘Star Trek’ memories to celebrate the 50th anniversary – She Said/She Said

She Said/She Said is a (sporadically) daily video featuring HitFix Harpy Donna Dickens and HitFix Weekend Editor Jill Pantozzi discussing current events in geek news.


Happy birthday, Star Trek!

It”s been 50 years! Half a century! Long enough to make everyone feel old! Also, long enough for several generations to have fond memories of the Final Frontier. 

Whether you watched religiously or only absorbed ‘Live long and prosper” through cultural osmosis doesn”t matter. If you started with Star Trek: The Original Series or Enterprise is inconsequential. If you are a human being alive today, you have knowledge of Gene Roddenberry”s hope for the future of mankind.

To celebrate, in the video above HitFix”s Donna Dickens and Jill Pantozzi reminisce about their earliest memories about the franchise. They invite you to do the same! Share your stories in the comments below or on social media with Donna, Jill, and/or HitFix!