While You Were Watching ‘Game Of Thrones,’ A Sharknado Fixed The Leaning Tower Of Pisa In ‘Sharknado 5’

08.07.17 2 years ago

While most of the world was enthralled with a giant dragon burning thousands of men alive on Game of Thrones, a small section of the TV-viewing population was embracing a different kind of chaos. One that was slightly damper and without any sense of direction — a sharknado. Sharknado 5 graced SyFy, and it featured a potpourri of D-list celebrity appearances and strange uses of physics. It seemed like one hell of a time.

So here’s what you missed, courtesy of the Sharknado Twitter account. We’re going to try to piece this into a coherent story together clip by clip without watching the full movie, the way it was meant to be.

The first tweet shows hallway walking, then reveals Clay Aiken, and he drinks martinis while cleaning his shoes or something.

A wall of spikes are determined to be aesthetically unpleasing:

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