Sharon Tate’s sister calls for ‘Aquarius’ boycott: It’s ‘horrific exploitation’

One of the risks film and TV creators face when dealing with true crimes is the potential offense of victims and their families to seeing their real-life trauma depicted on screen, and NBC”s Manson Family drama Aquarius — which in Season 2 depicts the Tate-LaBianca murders perpetrated by members of the notorious cult in the summer of 1969 — just found that out the hard way.

Debra Tate, noted victims' advocate and sister of Manson Family victim Sharon Tate, is calling for a boycott of the low-rated crime drama starring David Duchovny after learning that the sophomore season depicts the murder of her sister and other victims in graphic detail. “.@nbcaquarius That dead woman you are promoting in your tease is my SISTER,” Tate tweeted Thursday, in reference to a promo for the series that offers a glimpse of Sharon Tate”s mutilated body. 


Luckily for Tate, Aquarius doesn't appear to be destined for a renewal; the first three episodes of Season 2, which premiered back to back, garnered pretty dismal ratings.

In addition to her boycott efforts, Debra Tate is currently lobbying to keep Leslie Van Houten, one of the Manson Family members who participated in the murders of Rosemary and Leno LaBianca, from being freed on parole after spending more than 45 years behind bars. Back in April, a two-person review panel of the California Parole Board recommended Van Houten for release, though their judgment can be overturned by either the larger parole board or California Governor Jerry Brown. Tate has gathered nearly 140,000 signatures for a petition that she plans on delivering to Brown”s office next week.

NBC has made the first three episodes of Aquarius Season 2 available to stream online.