‘Shazam!’ Sprinkles A Little Shade On Jason Momoa’s ‘Aquaman’ In An International Trailer

Captain Marvel has proven that the box-office isn’t (at all) suffering from superhero fatigue, and in a few weeks, Warner Bros.’ Shazam! will keep riding that train. It’s also doing so after star Zachary Levi lectured sexist trolls about there being no competition between the two films, so we’ll see how this shakes out. (There’s plenty of room for both.) Early reactions are glowing for the lighthearted romp that contrasts sharply against the DCEU from a few years ago, and the above trailer keeps that tone alive by slightly roasting Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry with an almost obligatory he-talks-to-fish joke.

That wisecrack arrives after another Batman sort-of cameo, as Billy Batson then questions what he could possibly do with his newfound powers, for how could talking to fish possibly be cool? His sidekick, Freddy, gamely makes reference to his apparent Aquaman t-shirt and suggests, “[M]aybe control the billions in the ocean.” Well, I hope there’s a crossover at some point because, thankfully, Curry is both “cool” and “badass” now, thanks to Momoa and James Wan.

So there.

In related news, Shazam! is also following Aquaman‘s lead in another way. Just as the Momoa flick screened early for Amazon Prime members, Fandango has announced nationwide early screenings at 1,200 theaters, for which tickets will go on sale on Wednesday. (Find out more information and see a special message from Zachary Levi here.) Levi’s also going a few extra miles for fans, including by hiding behind a Shazam! poster and surprising some folks. This has also led to the recirculation of the below video (from 2018), which shows Levi beginning to cry when a young girl couldn’t stop hugging him and weeping. As the caption goes, “[S]uperheroes are so important.” No kidding.

Shazam! zaps into theaters on April 5.