Your best cosplay could be your ticket to attend the HitFix Comic-Con Party

When I joined HitFix for the site's launch, it was not an easy or an automatic decision. I spent months considering it, and in the end, I did it because I had faith in the team that was being assembled by Greg Ellwood and Jen Sargent, who were the ones who had the idea in the first place. In the years since then, I have seen just how good they are at identifying a goal and then mobilizing whatever it takes to make that idea come to fruition.

For example, one of the goals they had was to create an event that is part of the overall Comic-Con experience, and they set out to conquer preview night. At this point, it's safe to say that the Wednesday night HitFix party has become something that people look forward to, something that they enjoy each year. The canniest part of the plan was staking out Wednesday, when people are still fresh and full of energy and excited for the event to begin.

It has grown so much now that this year, we're genuinely worried about how we're going to make room for everyone who wants to come, and even as we struggle to manage all the RSVPs for the event, we decided that it was important for us to open the party up to people who might otherwise never get an invitation. Our sponsor this year is the highly-anticipated new show “Star Wars: Rebels,” and it's going to be a great evening. It would be even better if you were there, though. Yes, you. So how can we make that happen?

It's Comic-Con, so the answer should be obvious: cosplay.

Yes, that's right, we want to invite people who are going to bring their A-game, who are going to embrace the full spirit of Comic-Con. We want people who have spent months getting ready for this event, and who are hitting San Diego ready to party.

So what, exactly, can you win, and how?


Five of you (that's five individuals) will be picked to win VIP entry into the party, and you each get a +1. You will also receive a Santa Cruz Skateboard and an action figure from Jakks.

This one's important… travel will not be provided to Comic-Con or to or from the party. Lodging will not be provided. Winners must be 21 years old and US residents.

Here are the official rules of the contest.

To Enter:
There are three radically different ways to enter.

1) Facebook: Post your cosplay selfie to HitFix's Facebook page, tagged with @HitFix Entertainment News and #StarWarsParty

2) Twitter: Tweet your cosplay selfie tagged @HitFix and #StarWarsParty


3) Instagram: Post your cosplay selfie to instagram tagged @HitFix and #StarWarsParty

Wait, those aren't radically different at all. Okay, so there are three very similar ways to enter, depending on which social media stream you're most comfortable with. But once you've entered, it's up to us to pick the winners. We're going to pick our five favorite entries, and we'll alert you via whichever social media you used to enter the contest. I can't wait to go through all the pictures. Have fun. Blow our minds. Make us laugh. Whatever the case may be, your fate is in your hands. If you have fun with your entry, we'll most likely have fun judging it. Creativity counts, too. Slave Leia is easy. Salacious Crumb in homemade Stormtrooper armor is not.

Best of luck to you, and I can't wait for Comic-Con to get underway this year. I plan to have fun there this year, something that is sometimes easy to forget to do based on how much work Comic-Con can be. Enough of that. When I first went, I went because it is a chance to cut loose and celebrate all of this stuff that we love and share, and having you guys attend our party seems like a great way to kick off five of the craziest days of the year.

See you there, and may the Force be with you.