Sing along to The Handsome Family’s ‘True Detective’ theme with new lyric video

03.15.14 5 years ago

The Handsome Family may not be the most famous band in America, but their song “Far From Any Road” is currently haunting the dreams of many TV fans.
“Far From Any Road” is used as the main title theme song for HBO”s acclaimed “True Detective,” starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey.

The Chicago band has released a new lyric video to make the song's creepy, dusty atmosphere come to life. The haunting words are scrawled across desert landscapes decorated with vintage True Crime imagery.

The tune was chosen for “True Detective” by music supervisor T Bone Burnett, and the show has made it one of the Top 10 Most Viral Songs on Spotify in the U.S. and the U.K. 
“Far From Any Road” is from the Handsome Family's 2003 release “Singing Bones.”  The duo is comprised of husband-and-wife team Brett and Rennie Sparks.

“How strange to have an almost forgotten song from years ago resurrected and so showered with love!,” said Rennie in a press release. “People keep asking us how we managed to write such a perfect song to open 'True Detective.' They compliment us on all the various connections to the storyline we”ve managed to include and how perfectly our song emotionally sets the pace for each episode. They think I”m lying when I say that the song was written long before the TV show was a spark of an idea. Maybe time really is a flat circle. Maybe you do need to see a lot of darkness before you can see a little light. We”ve spent 20 years as a band of outsiders searching for ears that could hear us. At last I think we”ve found our Carcosa-that glorious kingdom built with the bricks of our deepest dreams.” 

The Handsome Family's latest album, “Wilderness,” was released in 2013.

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