Watch: SkyBlu of LMFAO talks split and going solo for 4th of July Album

LAS VEGAS — SkyBlu has three singles on hand and a new solo album due on July the 4th, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his original project LMFAO still on his mind.

The songwriter/singer/producer was on hand on the red carpet at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards to clear up the status of that dance project and to herald the way for the new. Originally a solo artist, he and Redfoo found themselves wanted to play the solo route again. “After that is satisfied, we can come back together with clear minds… we’re really in tune with that stuff.”

So he has his own single “Pop Bottles” featuring Mark Rosas, “Alcohol” by the Cataracs and “Salud” with Sensato, Reek Rude and actor Wilmer Valderrama all out in the ether. He spins Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa in his spare time. Additionally, he’s been keeping his eyes and ears open for new collaborations — as always — and wouldn’t mind grabbing the sleeve of one of the night’s biggest performers to work on some new music. Prince, of course, likes to keep things mysterious and secretive, thus he wasn’t around on the red carpet. SkyBlue, though, can do a pretty mean cover, it seems, even if he’s just “singing” the instrumentals.

Give a listen to his Prince impression his talk on the future and his Las Vegas past. He has some words for Britney Spears, who has a Vegas residency coming up: “The first two weeks she’s [in Las Vegas], she should get all her gambling out of the way. Do it so you don’t need to do it for the rest of your life. That’s what I did.”