‘SNL’ Takes Us To Pizza Town And We’re All A Lot Better For It

We are nearing one year since SNL graced us with Peter Dinklage and his “Space Pants,” a fine example of the show’s sillier side that usually doesn’t appear until the end of the night. Now, much like the David Pumpkins and Kevin Roberts sketches, “Space Pants” has a new spiritual sequel in “Pizza Town.” Imagine the setup from Reservoir Dogs and then imagine it is immediately interrupted because somebody decided to switch hideouts from an abandoned garage to a Chuck E. Cheese’s.

It’s Pizza Town. A place where the animatronic band is actually entertaining and nobody can get a word in because they’re just too enthralled by the show. If I could replace that scruffy rat and his animal jug band with Peppy Ronnie’s group, I think I might be able to stomach taking my kids out for pizza. There’s just something about that crew and their wild outfits.

If you’re not reacting like Kenan does in this sketch, you’re not living. You’re a husk that’s fueled by fancy coffee and processed meats. You’re overlooking a perfectly good McDouble here because you think you’re worth real food. Foolishness. “Pizza Town” is special enough for everybody and it’s needed when people seem to be at each other’s throats.

(Via SNL)