SNL’ brilliantly lampoons Jared Leto and Harrison Ford in ‘Katt Williams Show’ sketch

Last night's “SNL” sketch “Pimpin' Pimpin' Pimpin' with Katt WIlliams” (embedded below) only got a “B-“ from our famed “SNL” recapper Ryan McGee, but I actually think it was one of the strongest sketches of the Lena Dunham-hosted episode. Not only was Jay Pharoah brilliant as the controversy-plagued comedian, but the rest of the celebrity impersonations were spot-on as well. Take, for instance:

Jared “Most Zac Efron-Lookin' Son Of A Bitch” Leto (Brooks Wheelan)

And how about:

Liza “Ellen Said You Looked Like a Transvestite” Minnelli (Lena Dunham)

Also, let's give it up for:

Harrison “What The Hell Happened To You” Ford (Taran Killam)

And last but not least, who could forget:

Lena “Some Lady Named Lena Dunham” Dunham (Noel Wells)

Oh, and these products. I mean, c'mon.

Honestly, this gets an A+ for the “Darth Vader wearing Uggs” joke alone.

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