‘SNL’ channels ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ to introduce Executive Order

11.23.14 4 years ago

One of the most parodied segments from the GenX-loved classic “Schoolhouse Rock!” has been Dave Frishberg's “I'm Just a Bill,” featuring vocals from Jack Sheldon as a bill trying to teach his son the steps necessary to become a law.

You may recall the “Simpsons” parody “I'm an Amendment To Be,” as well as a “Family Guy” homage, both featuring Sheldon doing the voice. 

“Robot Chicken,” “Johnny Bravo” and “MadTV” also have referenced the animated segment.

While “Saturday Night Live” couldn't get Sheldon — He's 82, but apparently still alive — Kenan Thompson is definitely channeling his vocal stylings as an Immigration Bill chronicling the near-impossible task of gaining passage in today's Congress. 

Yes, President Obama pops up, introducing Executive Order, who becomes a law through a much simpler process.

Check out the music-and-animation-filled Cold Open from Saturday (November 22) night's “Saturday Night Live”: 

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