Jennifer Aniston And Emma Stone Do Their Best To Keep It Together Against Kate McKinnon On ‘SNL’

It’s not a secret that Kate McKinnon is popular with the folks on this site. Even folks who hated Ghostbusters felt she was likely the bright spot in the whole mess and she’s definitely earned the spot as SNL‘s key player in the current era. There’s at least one or two sketches each week where she proves this, usualy at the expense of one of the hosts or other cast members.

This week it’s both host Emma Stone and guest Jennifer Aniston — with a little Leslie Jones tossed in there too — all trying to hold back laughter against McKinnon’s faded starlet Debette Goldry. As it was when Margot Robbie was hosting, Goldry is basically just a series of absurd situations where she talks about the good old days of being passed around Hollywood. There’s not as much breaking this time around, but it’s funny to see the camera cut back to Sasheer Zamata holding back some laughter and know people are working hard to keep it under wraps.

As ridiculous as some of the stuff is, like perching on a table labeled woman for Alfred Hitchcock or tickling FDR’s pickle, it’s no wonder that most of the guests are caught off. It doesn’t seem like it’s a Stefon type of situation, where the jokes were intentionally hidden so that Bill Hader would bust up, but there are moments where it seems that Kate McKinnon is making this stuff up as she goes. And if that’s true, what kind of mind do you have when you’re coming up with slicing open your forehead to pour in pancake batter.

Actually that question could apply to the entire writing staff.

(Via Saturday Night Live)