Kevin Hart Shows What Would Happen If Batman Were A Black Man On ‘SNL’ As Captain Shadow

Life is full of trouble for your everyday black superhero just looking to do some good for the community. Even when you’re fighting crime, the police are still hassling you. While the original Batman had his trouble with the police for being a vigilante, he never dealt with anything like SNL’s Captain Shadow is forced to deal with (unless we count the annoying sidekick).

While the “power dust” part of the sketch is a little awkward, there’s still plenty to like here. Captain Shadow’s car for one is just a sports car with a bunch of crap glued to it. It does shoot fire out of its exhaust, but the rest looks like something you’d see on MST3k. It’s like the reality version of Batman, dressing up like a bat and then hitting the streets with one of his sports cars. Just enough to impress the 16-year-old kid you keep around in your cave, but not enough to outrun the police during a routine traffic stop, apparently.

You have to feel a little bad for Shadow, though. He’s so worked up over the traffic stop and trying to keep his sidekick quiet, he can’t even remember what is in his utility belt. He also can’t remember to just tell the cop about the major robbery he just stopped shortly before being pulled over.

It’s an easy sketch to overthink about, but Kevin Hart is sporting some fine hair here and it’s not the worst sketch of the night.

(Via SNL)