‘SNL’ pays tribute to Jan Hooks with ‘Love is But A Dream’

“SNL” pays tribute to Jan Hooks
“Saturday Night Live” paid tribute to the late Hooks twice on Saturday: First in primetime, in a 1990 “Vintage SNL” episode hosted by Alec Baldwin. That was followed by a tribute by Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig during the live show, featuring a re-airing of the famous “Love is But a Dream” short film that co-starred the late Phil Hartman. Wiig called Hooks “one of the best there ever was and her influence is clear in everyone of us who”s been here since.”

“SNL” confirms Jim Carrey as host with musical guest Iggy Azalea
Carrey, who returns to “SNL” on Oct. 25, previously hosted in 1996 and 2011.

“SNL” brings back Stefon to mock “MTV”s Dan Cortese” – Cortese responds
For the first time, Stefon appeared on Weekend Update without Seth Meyers, who was performing in Las Vegas. Stefon repeatedly name-dropped Cortese, who quickly responded on Twitter: “Yo @nbcsnl & #stefon I would've responded sooner but me & Winger are killin' it #Rocknjock style at Hooters in Cleveland! See u next week!” PLUS: “SNL” spoofs “Hollywood Game Night,” and the puppet sketch's return was thanks to Howard Stern.

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Check out Netflix”s “Daredevil” in his black costume
A new photo shows Charlie Cox not wearing Daredevil”s signature red costume for Marvel”s Netflix series. PLUS: Rosario Dawson will be playing Night Nurse, and here are more details from the “Daredevil” series as revealed at New York Comic-Con.

Claim: “Twin Peaks” will bring back Sheriff Truman
That”s according to Michael Horse, who played Deputy Hawk, who says from what he”s heard, Michael Ontkean is the only original who”s so far on board.