‘SNL’ takes on ‘War Horse’ and misses out

12.18.11 8 years ago 14 Comments

After you watch this bizarre parody of “War Horse” from last night’s “Saturday Night Live,” a few observations.

1. This skit is based on the play and not Steven Spielberg’s Oscar contending epic.

2. The horse in the movie is really played by a horse (don’t you worry about that).

3. Kenan Thompson and a puppet make a better Albert than Andy Samberg does.

4. The horse really doesn’t speak in either the play or the movie. (Perhaps a golden opportunity was missed there?)

5. Huge opportunity missed here to joke aboutthe obvious, but still hilarious line of “Boy, that Albert really loves that horse doesn’t he?” which has been heard after every performance of both the London and Broadway productions by at least half the exiting audience.

6. We wish the line, “You’re not just a War Horse Joey, you’re a friend horse” was actually in the movie.

7. HitFix contributor Ryan McGee thinks this the skit meant as an in-joke regarding regional theater, but if it is I’m not sure who will get the in joke. 

8. Not convinced this is the sort of publicity DreamWorks was looking for regarding their movie.

What did you think of the skit?

Oh, and the movie “War Horse” opens on Christmas day.

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