Song Of The Day: Animal Collective’s Panda Bear returns in HQ ‘Slow Motion’

07.13.10 9 years ago

When I spoke to Animal Collective during Sundance this year, only Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear, was missing. Now I know what maybe kept him so busy.

The songwriter has been working on a series of 7″ single release, each to be released on different labels, throughout this year. The plan is for the releases to lead up to a full-length release, “Tomboy.”

The first of these singles available is “Tomboy”/”Slow Motion,” released today on the indie group’s Paw Tracks label. Some folks received their vinyl early over the weekend and disseminated rips, but we have at least one high-quality stream for you, below, of the B-side.

“Tomboy,” though, should be easy enough to find.

The next single will be “You Can Count on Me” / “Alsatian Darn,” out later this summer on Domino.

I like this idea of different labels having dibs on the singles. It’s a little like a reality show where somebody will win out to release the full length, and a little bit of an indies love-in, for folks to help this hypnotic, experimental-pop loving artist along the way.

Panda Bear’s last proper full-length “Person Pitch” came out in 2007 and it was excellent.

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