Song Of The Day: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s new ‘New Wonder’ with Cairo Gang

Bonnie “Prince” Billy told us to “Beware” in 2009 and furthermore sent us to “The Wonder Show of the World” with The Cairo Gang last year. He and that latter group have a little more output to project this year, with a new two-song single due on Feb. 22.

“New Wonder” is the flip side of “Island Brothers’; it utilizes Will Oldham’s delicate vocal features with the crackling, harmonic folk sounds of the Cairo Gang, led by Emmett Kelly (who has performed on BPB’s other records, like heartaching “The Letting Go”). The flickering music video to “New Wonder” is below.

Now, I don’t mean to hit you on Hump Day with a funeral, but the sales to “Island Brothers”/”New Wonder” go toward Edge Outreach, which helps provide clean drinking water resources to the people in Haiti, to battle cholera and future struggles of the ailing island.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy has only one show on slate currently, though don’t be surprised at the speed at which that will change: he’ll be at All Tomorrow’s Parties NY (OK, OK, New Jersey), the three-day tickets to which are woefully sold-out and no I’m not done crying about it yet.

[Video after the jump…]