Song Of The Day: Iron & Wine debuts new ‘Moon’ live

05.06.10 9 years ago

The Iron & Wine camp has been pretty quiet — more quiet than its usual, sonically quiet self — since the release of “Shepherd’s Dog” in 2007. Mastermind Sam Beam released a double-disc of B-sides/rarities last year (“Around the Well”) and has performed sporadically, this year included.

However, he took the stage solo and acoustic on Tuesday (May 4) in Charlottesville for a rare set, and out popped two previously unreleased songs.

According to Pitchfork, “Half Moon” seems to be a brand spankin’ new tune, a uplifting, easy-swim tune that sounds vocally challenging in parts for Beam, which is a good thing. Dude is four albums deep and is prime to play with his range. The other track, “Mary Anne,” has been performed live as early as last year.

He told the crowd that a new album would drop “in the near future,” a delightfully ambiguous message reiterated on his website, with action described as a “slow simmer.” No word from Sub Pop yet when to expect a boil, but enjoy “Half Moon” in the meantime.

[Watch and listen to the track after the jump…]

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