UPDATED Song Of The Day: M.I.A. heads to the club on radio single ‘XXXO’

05.10.10 9 years ago

M.I.A. wants to get people dancing to newly announced radio single “XXXO,” but I kinda only feel like shrugging.

In a way, it’s appropriate that the multi-talented songwriter issued a number of disses toward pop stars like Lady Gaga a few months ago, as if to set the stage and to roll the red carpet out for her own entry into The Club. “XXXO” has a cold, rough-edged electronica approach, with the chorus boasting a catchy, looping vocal sample (which sounds copped, but is apparently original?). It’s got the perfect BPM, the deep-lung bass sound, a bit like the Junior Boys doing hard drugs with Ratatat.

But it’s lacking soul. The iPhone-dropping verses are forgettable and boringly delivered. It’s not so much that M.I.A. has nothing to work with here, but made a song that could’ve dripped from anyone’s pen (or Twitter account). It feels wintry and unapproachable, yet reminds me all at once of a dozen other songs already out there.

No matter, depending on how folks wanna party this summer, this may be among their regular jams playlists. Hype Williams is reportedly shooting the video for the track, an undertaking that is bound to look and feel 900% less violent than the clip for M.I.A.’s “Born Free” (a far superior track, btw).

Meanwhile, her album has been pushed back from a June 29 release date to [Ed. Correction] July 13 and is now, apparently, named “///Y/” (look, see, it says MYA, M.I.A.’s real name!

The clip below of “XXXO” (yes, I know what it sounds like when you say Ex three times fast) was culled from Britain’s Radio 1, which debuted the track yesterday.

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