Song Of The Day: New Pornographers go ‘Karate Kid’ in ‘Your Hands (Together)’ video

05.05.10 9 years ago

With clips from artists like Beyonce and Ciara, my thesis is that all people ever really wanna see in a music video is good dancing.

I would like to revise that statement, and add martial arts. The New Pornographers released their new album “Together” yesterday and released the music video to “Your Hands (Together)” in celebration. In it, Vancouver performance art group Hybrid Movement bust out mixed martial arts, ballet, modern dance and parkour. Hey, it’s all choreography, ain’t it?

Blaine Thurier, a member of the band, assembled the video himself.

As for the track, it’s one of the better from the New Pornos’ set, their fifth full-length: Neko Case and A.C. Newman sing in unison on much of the span, though I wish there were more dynamic so that dynamite catch phrase sticks a little longer. I’m much more fond of track two from the “Together,” “Crash Years,” and any of the tracks with them Dap-Kings on ‘er.

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