Song Of The Day: Watch Metric go Nat’l Geographic for ‘Stadium Love’ vid

06.02.10 8 years ago

Five singles in and Metric’s “Fantasies” just keeps going.

“Stadium Love” has its animalistic, survivalist elements in its core lyrics: “Every living thing / Pushed into the ring / Fight it out / To wow the crowd / Guess you thought / You could just watch / No one’s getting out / Without stadium love.” And the band lives it up in the new video for the track, putting the band in a cage, animals waging war on each other and with their prey, and frontwoman Emily Haines mugging ferociously.

The contrast of hearts casting around Haines’ face and the bouncing, positive rhythm of the song forced against brutal Nat Geo-like footage gives it a cute ending and a great backdrop for what I think is one of their most commercially satisfying songs.

Reminds me a bit of the eat-or-be-eaten nature of our business — as well as the “power animal” scene in “Fight Club,” the music video shoot for Tia Carrere’s band in “Wayne’s World” and latter end of Radiolab’s ep on “Lucy.” 

“As one of the sentiments expressed in the song is man’s disregard for the natural world around us, we were concerned with how the animals we would be working with would be treated. Rest assured, not only were these animals treated with love, respect and tenderness, they were the stars,” says the band on its website. “The word divas comes to mind. It was perfect, we worked on their schedule and pace.”


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