Song Of The Summer? Fetty Wap, ‘Trap Queen’

It took more than a year for Fetty Wap's “Trap Queen” to go anywhere. It was really a re-release in December that caused a surge, but even from there, the New Jersey singer/rapper's track took months to make an impact on the charts.

This “Queen” found its place in rotation side-by-side with Wiz Khalifa's inescapable “See You Again,” but those rap singles couldn't be any more different. Fetty's warbly, otherworldly melody maybe had a hard time with its climb because falsetto doesn't currently have much space in the urban radio landscape unless you're D'Angelo or The Weeknd.

It's just different. And different is good.

Fetty, ultimately, got the critical nod last year, and this hip-hop song has found its partying season in this season now.

Keep your ears peeled for Fetty Wap cameos on Gucci Mane's “Still Selling Dope” and Natalie La Rose songs “Somebody” (remix) and “Around the World.”